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According to the Florida Bar, here is a list of the lawyers practicing in Belleair, FL.

Lawyer Phone Address
Barbara Baccari (727) 439-0066 205 Flamingo Dr, Belleair, FL, 33756
Gilbert MacPherson (727) 441-4516 606 Osceola Rd, Belleair, FL, 33756
Michael Cheek (727) 584-0925 480 Poinsettia Rd, Belleair, FL, 33756
Kenneth Dayton (727) 460-7695 210 Sarasota Rd, Belleair, FL, 33756
Michael Foley (727) 515-1714 1630 Golf View Dr, Belleair, FL, 33756
William Jonassen (727) 410-0275 4 Belleview Blvd Apt 206, Belleair, FL, 33756
Donald Douglas (727) 420-5918 1 Seaside Ln Apt 601, Belleair, FL, 33756
Allison Cantonis (727) 581-1582 557 Bayview Dr, Belleair, FL, 33756
Amy Harris (727) 584-2883 18 S Pine Cir, Belleair, FL, 33756
Rozann White (703) 731-6345 3 Seaside Ln Apt 501, Belleair, FL, 33756
Jody Schwahn (727) 581-6400 725 Indian Rocks Rd, Belleair, FL, 33756
Susan Thel N/A 501 Jasmine Way, Belleair, FL, 33756

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