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According to the Florida Bar, here is a list of the lawyers practicing in High Springs, FL.

Lawyer Phone Address
Brent Baris (386) 454-0688 PO Box 223, High Springs, FL, 32655
David Graham (386) 454-5677 18420 High Springs Main St, High Springs, FL, 32643
Kyle Petteway (386) 454-1298 23349 NW County Road 236 Ste 10, High Springs, FL, 32643
Thomas Weller (386) 454-3163 18731 NW US Highway 441, High Springs, FL, 32643
William Whitley (386) 755-6743 294 SW County Road 18, High Springs, FL, 32643
Aaron Lutkoff N/A 164 SE Marino Way, High Springs, FL, 32643
John Wagner (386) 454-1900 630 NW 1st Ave, High Springs, FL, 32643
Gary Grunder (386) 454-1298 23349 NW County Road 236 Ste 10, High Springs, FL, 32643
Paul Regensdorf (954) 562-9598 PO Box 205, High Springs, FL, 32655
Maurice McDaniel N/A PO Box 623, High Springs, FL, 32655
Heather Obara (386) 454-2427 23695 W US Highway 27, High Springs, FL, 32643
Risa Wray (386) 454-7575 101 Ginnie Springs Rd, High Springs, FL, 32643

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